The History of the Tennis Game

Tennis is a favorite sport of millions of people around the world, including the United States, France, and the UK. They love the intensity and power behind the matches. But it wasn’t always so spectacular. Tennis actually had a humble beginning that eventually led what the sport is today. Here’s the history of tennis. The Beginning It’s believed 12th century by French monks played the very first games of tennis. The games weren’t actually like the tennis you see today. Instead of using rackets, the monks simply hit balls against a stone wall with their hands. Rackets didn’t come into play until the 16th century. During this time, players named the game tennis and competed against other players. It was the beginning of a popular pastime for men. Even notorious Henry the VIII took an interest in the sport. Whether he actively played in the game is not clear. Eventually, women took an interest in the sport and played as well. The Fed Cup formed in 1963 to recognize female tennis players. The players competed on the level of...

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How Is a Tennis Court Made?

Tennis players seem to own the court when they compete. Without it, they couldn’t play the hardcore games they do. But how did the court become such an important part of tennis? Learn what tennis courts are made of and what their dimensions are. Construction Tennis courts come in double or single configurations. Builders make them to support heavy traffic, such as running and strikes from tennis balls. These playing fields are made to last. Here are some other features of courts: • Each court has a rectangular shape that stretches 78 ft. long and 36 ft. wide • Each side features a playing field or area that 27-36 ft. wide, depending on whether single or double players compete • A low net stretches across the center of a court and is no higher than 3.6 ft. The “out” line or baseline is located in the back of a tennis court. This part of the court is less than 5 ft. in width. It’s the location on the court that players use the most. It allows them to make...

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Get the Right Equipment for Tennis

If you’re ready to play tennis but don’t know what you need, keep reading. This helpful guide goes over the tennis equipment you need to get your game on. Rackets No proper tennis game is the same without the right racquets. Racquets help improve your game if you’re a novice. Here’s some features you need to look for in your racquet: • Grip: The grip of your racquet should be strong enough to support the weight of the head and shaft. It should also be no smaller than 4 inches around. If you can wrap your fingers around the grip and touch your thumb to your middle finger, then it’s the right one. • Beam : The beam allows you to make those hard hits once you learn the game. A racquet with a straight beam is good for a novice. But a wider beam works well for a seasoned player. • Open Throat Shaft : This type of shaft works better than a straight shaft, which might throw your game off. An open throat shaft stops any off-center...

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Interesting Facts About Tennis

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