Best Tennis Bags for 2021

We tested 12 of the best tennis bags from four categories and found the Wilson Team Tennis Bag (racket bag), Athletico Premier Tennis Backpack (backpack), K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag (duffle bag), and the Wilson Tennis Racket Bag (tote bag) to be the best in their respective categories. Overall, the K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag is the best. 

What makes them the best tennis bags? We evaluated these bags’ design features, materials, and general user experience to establish their ideal applications and expected performance. These represent the most critical aspects for consideration, ensuring a well-informed purchase for you.

With all this in mind, the K-Cliffs tennis racket bag turned out to be the best solution for storing and transporting your tennis equipment and additional items. It offers the best combination of carrying capacity and organization and shields gear behind heavy ballistic nylon. Plus, it includes a shoe compartment, water bottle holders, and several zipper pockets. 

Despite all these positive attributes, it’s tough to declare the K-Cliffs duffle bag as the best of all, definitively. This is because not all bags are designed for the same applications. For instance, a duffle bag is great for tournaments but too clunky and large for everyday use. 

To learn more about which tennis bag styles are best suited to your needs and how to buy one, see the reviews and buying guide below.  

11 Best Tennis Racket Bags: Our Top Picks

We evaluated the following products for this tennis bag review for 2021:

Best Tennis Racket Bags

Tennis racket bags are ideal for meeting minimal storage requirements for individual or team equipment. Below are some of the best racket bags and covers for your gear and other items. 

Wilson Team Tennis Bag (Best Overall)

This 12″ x 8.5″ x 19″ Wilson tennis racket bag boasts a large main compartment for the storage of two rackets. The extensive interior space is also parceled out into helpful organization features, such as a key loop and zip-up pockets. 

Unlike many other tennis bags, this Wilson bag features a zip-able pocket on the bottom where you can store shoes. There is also a designated pocket for a water bottle, so you can keep your hands free in-between hydration stops. 

The padded adjustable shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort as you carry your gear to and from the gym or tournament. 


  • Includes interior organization for personal item storage
  • Can carry two rackets
  • Features specialized pockets for shoes and water bottles


  • The shoe pocket is not suitable for large sizes

Athletico 3-Racket Tennis Bag (Most Durable)

This Athletico tennis bag offers padding for extra protection against any mishaps that may damage the stored gear, such as accidentally dropping it or a shallow puncture or tear. 

The bag has enough space for three total rackets along with ample room for tennis balls and even your pockets for your phone or car keys. 

You can carry this 12″ x 10″ x 1.50″ Athletico bag in multiple styles. It features a padded shoulder strap if you’d like to haul it on your shoulder and a tote handle for carrying it by hand. Either way, your items will remain safely inside the 600D polyester fabric that Athletico specially designed for longevity. 


  • Fits three tennis rackets
  • Includes external pockets for a tennis ball canister and small personal belongings
  • 600D polyester fabric is highly durable and ensures longevity


  • Only the sides are padded

HEAD Tennis Racket Cover Bag (Best Budget Friendly) 

This cover bag offers just enough space for a single racket without taking up too much space or weight for the user. 

There is a single storage compartment that provides enough space for additional items alongside the racket. Feel free to toss your phone and keys inside as you’re transporting your tennis gear to the court or the gym. 

HEAD incorporated padding into this cover bag’s design to ensure further protection for your valued tennis equipment. When you wear it over your shoulder using the adjustable shoulder strap, rest assured that your equipment is safe and sound inside. 


  • Nylon material is water-resistant and protects your gear from harsh UV exposure
  • Very lightweight, only 0.2 lbs
  • Can fit one racket with extra room for small items


  • Material is quite thin, so it may not be very durable

Best Tennis Backpacks

Carrying your gear in a backpack is an excellent way to improve your ergonomics. Below are the best available tennis backpacks to ease your experience while transporting your tennis gear. 

Athletico Premier Tennis Backpack (Best Overall)

This Athletico bag is composed of 600D polyester fabric, ensuring protection against environmental damage and abrasions. 

This top-loading backpack features anti-slip zippers, guaranteeing your gear’s security during transport. Your other items will stay in place inside the bag, too, thanks to the additional pockets and compartments where you can store balls, wallets, keys, and more.

You can also store tennis accessories in the complimentary drawstring mesh bag. Plus, you can be confident that your shoes won’t stink up your bag, thanks to the vented shoe storage compartment on the bottom. 


  • Fits two tennis rackets
  • The shoe compartment is isolated and vented
  • 600D polyester is very durable and strong


  • Some people claim that the zippers still come loose despite anti-slip trait

Wilson Team Tennis Bag

This backpack is perfect for hauling two rackets on your back using comfortable padded shoulders. You can keep your hands free while transporting several items in the large main compartment. 

The main zipper lockable, but Wilson also included a dedicated racket pocket for securing the handles to minimize the gear’s chances of moving around excessively.

The bag features interior organization supports, including key loops and zipper pockets to keep all your items in place alongside the rackets. There is a water bottle on the side, along with a bottom pocket for shoe storage. 


  • Holds two rackets
  • Interior organization to keep all your items in place and protected
  • Includes dedicated pockets for a water bottle and a pair of shoes


  • Does not have ventilation for shoe compartment

ACOSEN Tennis Backpack (Best Storage Capacity)

This ACOSEN backpack features five pockets to store all your main gear and necessary accessories with as much organization as possible. There are also straps on the sides, complete with elastic bands, to hold your water bottle in place. 

This 15.8″ x 7.8″ x 20.8″ bag offers a large storage capacity, ideal for carrying clothes, towels, grip tape, and more related items alongside your 2-3 rackets and balls. You can zip up all the pockets to ensure everything stays in place while you move around. 

The high-quality, durable material will protect your gear and belongings from environmental factors and accidents like incidental punctures or dropping the bag. 


  • Five pockets for ample storage of accessories and personal items
  • Can fit up to 2-3 rackets
  • High-quality, durable material provides dependable protection for your gear


  • Many customers report that the material is thinner than expected 

Best Tennis Duffle Bags

Tennis duffle bags are best suited for transporting your gear on extended trips or to a tournament. Consider these duffle bags below to keep your equipment safe and secure. 

K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag (Best Overall)

This K-Cliffs tennis duffle bag features several dedicated compartments, each secured by a zipper. There are three front pockets, two smaller accessory pockets, and a big organizer in front as well to help you keep track of all your belongings. 

Everything you place in this bag will be highly secure inside the heavy-duty ballistic nylon. Plus, the dedicated shoe compartment and two water bottle holders will help keep your hands free while you carry your items from place to place. 

This K-Cliffs bag measures 28.5″ x 12″ x 12″, so you can store three tennis rackets comfortably with several additional items without having to force it all inside. 


  • Heavy-duty ballistic nylon provides maximum durability and strength
  • Feature a shoe compartment and water bottle holders for (almost) hands-free use when worn on the shoulder 
  • Can carry up to three rackets


  • Straps are not long enough to sling over the neck and shoulder 

Wilson Sporting Goods Tennis Bag

This Wilson sporting goods tennis duffle bag offers excellent interior organization. The divider system ensures that all your gear and additional items stay in place, no matter how much you move around.

You can store 3-4 rackets inside, thanks to the massive storage capacity provided by this 30″ x 12″ x 12″ bag. There’s a side pocket specifically for your footwear, which you can close with a secure zipper. 

It is only somewhat lightweight at 2.77 lbs, but its dimensions help to spread that weight out evenly as you carry the bag. The adjustable straps ensure that you will remain comfortable during use, while its padded Velcro grip keeps it snugly on your shoulder. 


  • Coated polyester base provides optimal durability 
  • Can fit 3-4 rackets
  • Polyurethane matte finish offers water-resistance


  • Some complain that this bag is not specific enough for tennis gear

HEAD Elite 6R Combi Tennis Equipment Duffle Bag (Multi Racket Use)

With this HEAD equipment bag, you can carry up to six rackets at a time, minimizing the amount of gear you and your teammates need to carry. (Or, ideal for transporting several of your rackets to and from practice or the gym.) 

There is a massive amount of storage space in this model, thanks to the large primary compartment and the dual exterior zipper pockets. 

You can carry this 30″ x 13″ x 11″ bag in multiple ways since HEAD integrated variable use options. Either throw the long strap over your shoulder or haul it alongside you using the more compact handles. Either way, the durable fabric will provide several seasons of protection for your tennis gear. 


  • Can carry up to six rackets
  • Durable fabric ensures longevity over several seasons
  • Amble storage space for essential gear and personal items


  • Lacks a shoe storage compartment

Best Tennis Tote Bags

Tote tennis bags are great for casual daily use, like bringing your rackets and accessories to and from practice. Here are some of the best tote bags in which you can confidently store your gear. 

Wilson Tennis Racket Bag (Best Overall)

Wilson crafted this tote tennis bag, especially for female athletes. It’s an exclusive Roland Garros (the major global tennis tournament, more commonly known as the French Open, in Western countries) design, debuted in 2020. 

The tri-colored ribbons decorate the long handles that you can easily carry by hand or sling over your shoulder. The padded grip will ensure that you’re comfortable during use, no matter how you choose to haul your gear. 

This 7.5″ x 18″ x 16″ bag can carry up to six rackets at once. The accompanying accessory pockets provide enough space for other belongings like clothing, a tablet, or other necessities you’ll need at the competition or the gym. 


  • Handles feature padded grip for comfortable carrying
  • Specially designed for female tennis players
  • Can carry up to six rackets


  • No storage compartment for shoes

HEAD Women’s Tote Bag for Tennis (Best for Added Protection)

This HEAD tote bag has just the right amount of space for you to carry your daily gear and a few other personal items like a cell phone and a set of keys. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality, as HEAD’s styling of this bag was inspired by their Maria Sharapova line. 

The 15″ x 14″ x 7″ bag’s interior features a padded compartment, along with two external zip pockets and a single inner pocket to secure your other belongings, too. 

You can wear this HEAD tennis tote bag in two different ways. First, the straps are just short enough for you to carry it in your hand comfortably. However, you can also sling it over your shoulder for a more ergonomic style. 


  • Detachable strap allows two different ways to carry the bag (by hand or shoulder)
  • Inner padding to protect gear 
  • Built-in compartment for rackets to protect them from a laptop’s or another device’s heat


  • Can only carry one racket

Types of Tennis Bags

As you’ve seen thus far, there are a handful of tennis bag types. They’re each suited for different amounts of gear, carrying preferences, and daily vs. long-term application. Here’s a closer look at the most common kinds of tennis bags to help you decide which you need. 

Pro Racket Bags

As you learn more about how to shop for the best tennis bags, you’ll likely come across other athletes differentiating between racket bags and covers based on whether it’s “pro” quality or the type of gear they’re willing to carry in it. 

For instance, some players would not want to haul their equipment in a HEAD Tennis racket Cover Bag but are more than happy to use a Wilson Team Tennis Bag for the job. The difference in preference is often due to padding and storage capacity. 

Pro racket bags typically feature padding on the straps and/or bag’s sides or top and bottom. They also have substantially more storage space and organization. These are best for storing equipment for traveling to tournaments. 

Smaller Racket Bags

Smaller racket bags are ideal for daily use, such as going to and from the gym or school practice. As you might expect, they carry fewer rackets and personal belongings. Further, they may not have any padding at all. 

This is why some racket bags are more accurately known as racket covers, as they only offer superficial protection from the environment. They’re not intended to be a formidable storage choice but for casual short-term use. 

Manufacturers often design these and the pro racket bags to be carried as slings. However, you might also come across designs that include backpack straps to expand your carrying options. 


Carrying tennis backpacks is perhaps the most comfortable way to haul your gear between locations. Plus, experts say that they are more ergonomic than shoulder bags. This is because a backpack allows even weight distribution across your body instead of concentrating it all on one side like tennis duffle bags or tote tennis bags. 

Backpacks don’t often have as much storage space for rackets as a pro racket bag might. However, they can be far more versatile in their organization and capacity. 

For instance, many backpacks feature water bottle holders, shoe compartments, and multiple accessory pockets. Even with these features, you’ll still be able to fit a few rackets comfortably inside, usually in a designated chamber. 

Duffle Tennis Bags

Duffle tennis bags are excellent for storing a lot of gear for tournaments or overextended trips. In a way, they’re a step up from pro racket bags since they can store several rackets simultaneously and feature many additional storage options for towels and even a change of clothing. 

For instance, the HEAD Elite duffle bag can carry up to six rackets at a time. Many of these bags include additional pockets for additional items, too. Further, the K-Cliffs bag is the perfect example of an optimally organized duffle bag since it has a shoe compartment. 

As you can see, duffle bags tend to vary much more than racket bags. If this is your preferred bag type, review what types of gear and other belongings you need to carry to ensure you get the best design. 

Tote Bags

Tote tennis bags vary quite widely in their dimensions. These tend to be very lightweight and overall feature a highly simplistic design. Remember that tote bags aren’t meant for serious, competitive gear storage but travel to and from the gym or casual practices.

Even a relatively large tote bag, like the HEAD Women’s tennis bag doesn’t offer much storage capacity apart from the main compartment that holds the rackets. With this in mind, these are best suited for occasional travel while carrying only a few items in addition to your rackets and balls. 

How to Choose a Tennis Bag

Choosing a tennis bag directly depends on what type of equipment you want to carry, how you want to carry it, and how often you’ll be traveling. 

Here are some of the main things to consider about tennis bags as you shop:

  • Size: How many rackets and other equipment will you be carrying? If you’re hauling a single racket with a phone and keys, a racket bag is probably best. On the other hand, carrying several rackets, tennis balls, and a pair of shoes will require a duffle bag or backpack. 
  • Portability: Tennis bags vary quite widely in their sizes. Some are quite compact, good for only one racket with a handful of additional items. This is great for everyday use. Larger bags are still quite portable but are best suited for tournaments and extended travel since they can carry more. 
  • Durability: Ideally, your tennis bag will be made of polyurethane (PU) and/or 600D polyester fabric. These are both for several types of protection, including water-resistance and defense against abrasions. 
  • Budget: Depending on the make and model of your chosen tennis bag, you could find a product for less than $20 or as much as $100+. Backpacks and duffle bags tend to be the most expensive, as they offer more storage capacity and organization. 

Features of Tennis Bags

Once you’ve established your general needs for the storage and transport of your tennis equipment, you’ll need to determine which specific design features are ideal for you. 

Think about your usual challenges with your current gear storage methods (e.g., do your shoes stink up your bag?) and the typical items you bring along to practice as you weigh your need for the following features:

  • Racket storage/compartments: It’s best to have a separate compartment for your rackets. This way, they won’t move around too much while you’re walking, which can lead to loosened zippers or damaged equipment. 
  • Shoe storage: If your shoes tend to smell quite bad or be mucky after practice, you might want to store them away from the rest of your stuff. Many backpacks and duffle bags have designated shoe compartments, but fewer have vented sections. A vent will help mitigate any foul smells and stains. 
  • Gear and accessory storage: Most players tend to bring their phones, wallets, and other such items along to practice. For this, you should look for zip-able pockets, preferably with an inner lining. Additional accessory storage includes water bottle holders, too. All of this ensures the most comfortable, hands-free use. 
  • Protection: The most dependable material for protecting your gear is 600D polyester. Look for bags with a PU finish, as they provide better water-resistance. The best bags include padding for maximum defense against dropping the bag or accidental tears and punctures. 


We understand that there may be a few lingering questions about how to buy a tennis bag. Here are a few FAQs to resolve any unanswered wonderings. 

What size tennis bag should I get?

There is no single tennis bag size that everyone should get. The necessary size depends on what you’re storing and the type of bag you have. If you’re storing equipment for a team, a bag that carries six or more rackets is ideal. Individuals going to and from practice or tournaments will do just fine with a two-racket bag. 

How do you hold a tennis bag?

There are a few different ways to hold a tennis bag. You can carry racket bags and totes over the shoulder or by hand. Backpacks are carried on the back, while duffle bags can either be carried on your shoulder or slung around your neck and shoulder. 

What should I put in my tennis bag?

The most crucial things to store in your tennis bag are as follows:

  • rackets
  • Tennis balls
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat or visor
  • Towel
  • First aid
  • Overgrips
  • Dampeners
  • Clothes
  • Extra pair of shoes
  • Warmup equipment
  • Extra string
  • Ice pack
  • Foam or massage roller


Tennis bags come in four main types: racket bags, backpacks, duffle bags, and tote bags. Of all these types, the K-Cliffs tennis duffle bag is the best, as it offers the most substantial protective quality and storage organization and capacity. 

We determined K-Cliff’s quality based on assessments of its size, durability, and portability, which is why it was also named the Best Overall for its category. The other best tennis bags per type included the Wilson Team racket bag, Athletico Premier backpack, and the Wilson Tennis tote.

James Thompson

James Thompson

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